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Hi Folks,

Making music with people is my passion.
There's nothing I love more than
improvising jingles, jams, songs, and tags,
dropping beats, free-style
--> rinse --> repeat

Spontaneous play is as
much fun when you're thirty as
when you were three.

Come on, I'll show you how...


Shared experiences and collaborative creation builds community. Add a little music and you'll find yourself right here.  



I was about 9 when I got my first drum set, and almost immediately, I began an obsession of pulling every tune carrying, guitar playing, accordion stretching person I could find to come make music with me, and I haven't stopped since. At 14, I got my first guitar and led sing-alongs with my regional youth group. Since, I have sang and made up songs with staff members, congregants, students, and campers across the country. Oh and toddlers too! Who can forgot those chubby little faces. 

It is an absolute pleasure bringing communities into the process of making seriously awesome music and watching them grow closer and closer as they offer more and more of themselves up to the music.





Washington, D.C.



Ben lights up the room like a spark...
— Music Educator Mitch Gordon, MA
Truly amazing! I’ve never sung with people, but Ben’s song session really inspired me to sing.
— student, Brandeis University, MA
Ben’s passion for music and ability to bring out the creativity in everyone around him is truly amazing to experience!
— Maggie Ziegel, Brandeis University, MA
Who else can bring 300 people to their feet singing an original song about mac and cheese and the importance of self-advocacy?
— Meghan Levine, Camp Hess Kramer, Malibu, CA
People are still remarking about the wonderful song sessions!
— Jodi Shapiro, Congregation Eitz Chayim, MA
Ben is an asset to any organization. He has a clear vision as a song leader and employs powerful leadership qualities.
— Heidi Chappel, The Rashi School, MA
Ben is a passionate and brilliant musician...I have seen him in a bandana and cowboy boots as he whips a full room into a rousing frenzy of “Oh Susannah!” on the banjo. I have also seen him sing a quiet and moving ballad as a room full of teenagers sits mesmerized. It was an absolute pleasure working with Ben.
— Jodi Woodnick, Camp Stein, AZ
Ben is a compelling song leader with an incredibly joyful approach to making seriously great music. I’ve watched him lead very intimate groups and huge crowds of hundreds of voices, captivating the room with both exuberant creativity and quiet charism. Ben is a superb educator, one who conveys deep meaning through artful music and transforms the energy in the room around him.
— Cantor Hollis Schachner, Temple Shir Tikva, MA

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