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Entertain your group while strengthening communication and leadership skills. Sing songs in a round, improvise soundtracks, play games, tell stories, and compete head to head in creative challenges. Participants leave with a wealth of inside jokes and thought provoking experiences to reflect upon.


Team Development

Every event is custom designed to match your unique development goals.
Sample programming:


Customer Service Training

Build a standardized approach to customer service and real-time problem solving. Participants will share the challenges they face and take a deep look at finding optimal solutions while practicing their skills in creative, small group challenges.



Building Strong Relationships

Strong relationships are a cornerstone of team excellence. Get to know each other’s creative, analytic, and collaborative strengths while engaging in entertaining activities to break down barriers and rally around shared accomplishments.



Thriving in a Change Environment

Balancing concerted efforts with ever-changing constraints is imperative for effective team output. Practice your abilities to adapt and communicate changes to colleagues while working towards a common goal. Quick games and challenges force participants to confront the limits of their agility and tolerance to scrap ongoing efforts in favor of redesigns to accommodate foundational changes.

About Ben

For nearly 10 years, Ben has been engaging audiences in creative programming. He has worked with campers, high schoolers, college students, families, professionals, and public audiences. His methods draw upon his time as a K-8 school teacher as well as years of metacognitive programming and nearly 1000 sessions leading groups through the creative process. 

Ben's novel approach provides not only effective tools for team development but interactive entertainment sure to leave inspired minds and smiling faces. 




This is the process of pairing songs to complement a group's identify or focus. Well paired songs offer lasting empowerment, motivational reminders, and common texts for collaborative study.

Soundtracking may take the form of learning to sing well-paired songs as a group and discussing the interplay between the music and lyrics. The group may also  be led in writing original songs of their own. Both approaches provide opportunities for participatory engagement, collaborative study, and the honing of communication and leadership skills. 

Collaborative Story Creation

Groups are led in the methodological creation of short stories and fables. Writing stories allow participants to test their personal and collaborative agilities, design strategies, and leadership negotiations. Fun and faced-paced activities are great for large group engagement and bonding. 

Games and Challenges

Competition is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to enhance your abilities as a team. Strategic challenges demand good leadership and teamwork while games can elevate creative and collaborative skills. 

Targeted Activities

Targeted activities boil down and simulate the many challenges in the workplace, allowing groups to take a metacognitive approach to team development. Teams walk away with greater shared knowledge and practiced techniques.




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Ben strengthened relationships and entertained temple congregants over the course of two annual retreats. He led participants in soundtracking their community moments and facilitated discussions through creative activities. 

"People are still remarking about the wonderful sessions!"
- Jodi Shapiro, Congregation Eitz Chayim, MA.


Working with campers and staff in Malibu, California, Ben's programs offered opportunities for community bonding and soundtracking to support educational initiatives. 

"Who else can bring 300 people to their feet singing about the importance of self-advocacy?"
- Meghan Levin, Camp Hess Kramer, Malibu, CA



During Brandeis University's first-year orientation, Ben ran a two-hour session with incoming students and staff. Group singing and game playing helped break down social barriers, quickly build relationships, and lead students in meditating on personal and academic goals for the upcoming semester. 

"Ben's passion and ability to bring out the creativity in everyone around him is truly amazing to experience!"
- Maggie Ziegel, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA



Ben facilitated weekly all-school assemblies for parents and students. Group singing served to support community traditions, highlight weekly achievements, and give time for families to rally around intergenerational activities.

"Ben is an asset to any organization. He has a clear vision and employs powerful leadership qualities."
- Heidi Chappel, The Rashi School, Dedham, MA

In 2012, Ben served as the resident director of music programming for Camp Stein in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ben was instrumental in training staff in group engagement and leadership techniques while bringing a restored sense of education, purpose, and energy to their community programming.

"Ben is a passionate and brilliant leader. I have seen him in a bandana and cowboy boots as he whips a full room into a rousing frenzy of 'Oh Susannah!' on the banjo. I have also seen him sing a quiet and moving ballad as a crowd sits mesmerized. It was an absolute pleasure working with Ben."
- Jodi Woodnick, Camp Stein, Scottsdale, AZ



As the resident music programmer, Ben spent eight months engaging all walks of the temple community. He used music as a vehicle and launching point for education, intergenerational engagement, spirituality, and group discussion. He also taught leadership classes for teens.

"Ben is a compelling leader with an incredibly joyful approach to group engagement. I've watched him lead very intimate groups and huge crowds of hundreds of voices, captivating the room with both exuberant creativity and quiet charism. Ben is a superb educator, one who conveys deep meaning through artful music and transforms the energy in the room around him"
-Cantor Hollis Schachner, Temple Shir Tikva, Wayland, MA



Special Offer

For years, Ben has engaged communities of hundreds across the country. Now, with newly designed programming to target high-performance, team development, Ben is launching his new service exclusively for corporate groups.

Be in touch to find out how to take advantage of his special promotional offer running from January through March, 2017.

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